Spirit of the Heart (new song)


Hi The Artist here.

About a week ago I finished recording a new song. You can hear it by listening below.

It is actually a song that is not that new,  because I wrote the vocal lines and the basic riffs for about 10 years ago. About two months ago, while I was cleaning up in my room to prepare for a house staging we needed to hold as part of selling our house, I found an old CD with some ideas I had recorded. One of them was this song called ‘Spirit of the Heart’. It had the basic guitar intro riff, the bass line and even the lyrics for the first vers. I felt that it had something and I also remembered that I had liked the idea 10 years ago as well but back then I could not really finish it because I did not have the right equipment and I remember that I also struggled with the arrangement.

The very first idea I had around this song was to create a euro-disco type song with the bass riff done on a fat synth sound. As you can hear the bass line is fundamental for the whole song and is the one thing that the song is based on. In fact, originally I had the idea to let the bass line be exactly the same throughout the whole song, however when I picked up the song about a month ago I decided to play something different on the bridge (the ‘I’m leaving it up to you’ part) since that gave the chorus a bit bore bite when the rolling bass line came back in. All guitars are recorded by me on my Fender Stratocaster and Fender Jazzbass.

When I mixed this song last week, I had just bought a new guitar amp module software called TH2 from the Italian company Overloud. I did not have the time to familiar myself with the software so what you hear is some pre-sets that I tweaked a little. I knew roughly what I was after and since TH2 seems like a very capable piece of software I quickly found something that came close. I’m looking forward to play around with it a bit more and I might do a new mix later with a different guitar sound. I also used TH2 for the bass sound that has some chorus on top of it, which I think turned out quiet well.

The drums are done with EZ Drummer from the Swedish company Toontrack. This is a piece of software, that I have got to know quiet well by now and I really like it. For this song I used mostly drum loops from their Vintage Rock add-on but I used their basic drum sound to give it a more modern sound. As usual I had to go in and change some of the midi notes to fit my song but with EZ Drummer the programming is just a joy.

I also used some synth sounds that is part of the Logic Express recording program. One arpeggio sound for intro, second vers and chorus and one basic synth sound for the first vers and bridges.

The vocals are done on my Sennheiser K4 microphone that I bought in Florida, while I was there on holiday in June this year (for a very good price thanks to the dollar). I´m fairly new to singing lead so I have used Melodyne essential from the company Celemony to correct a few notes in my singing that was little off key.

The lyrics are all about believing in your self, even when life seems to go against you. We know what to do if we just listen to our inner voice and intuition. The picture I have used for this post is actually called ‘Spirit of the Heart’ by Madart that I found via Google picture search and I really liked it and it kind of fits the song.

I hope you will enjoy it, I had fun making it.
Spirit of the Heart by Magnus Engdahl