What is reality?


The Philosopher here.

I have just finished an audio book called Infinite Reality by Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Baileson.

It was a very fascinating book about what the future will look like when we combine our grounded reality with virtual reality.

The most interesting idea the authors put forward is what reality really is and the fact that everything can be seen as virtual reality. Since we can only experience reality through our human senses, we cannot know what it is like outside our consciousness. We know that colors, taste, smell, sound, etc. are all things that are created by our brain and does not exist outside it, so they are virtual realities but most of us never stop to think about it that way.

This is why virtual realities in the form of avatars in games and our social lifes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms feels very real to most of us. The reason is because they are real. Our brains cannot make a distinction between grounded reality and virtual reality. If it feels real, it is real.

Virtual reality and grounded reality is getting more and more blurry. We are connected to the Internet all the time via our smartphones and laptops and games has started to bridge the worlds with games consoles like Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect. 

Many of us have more virtual connection with our colleagues via email, chats, video conferences and phone calls then we meet them in grounded reality. Some might say that a phone call is not virtual reality but think again. You don’t actually hear a persons voice on the phone, it is only a representation of it, transmitted via phone technology.

Read a book and you are taken to a different reality, go to the movies and you will have real feelings given from a made up reality, and what about ghost stories by the campfire?

If you want to explore more about these things and how our brains perceive virtual realities you should pick up this book. One thing is for sure, reality will be very different in the future.

Visit the Infinite Reality web site.

Another interesting clip.