Welcome to The4Faces my name is Magnus and I’m all of them!

The basic (cognitive) idea behind this site is actually quite simple. I have in the past been running two blogs that have been niched towards two different topics. One was a philosophic blog in Swedish, called ‘Den Dynamiska Spiralen‘,  where I could get some outlets for my thoughts and ideas around politics, science and of course philosophy. The other blog is a tech nerd blog, again in Swedish, and is called, ‘Magnus iPad‘ and is of course about the iPad.

I also work internationally for a company called TNT Express with IT and I’m a long time musician that write and play my own songs. These are all topics I have a lot of opinions and ideas around and that I would like to discuss and share with others.

I had a think and came to the conclusion that I did not want to start one blog for each topic as it would be a nightmare to maintain and it would also be difficult to market and explain, especially since a lot of topics I want to write about are interlinked and entangled with each other, like the music-business, philosophical views on science, gadgets and technology that change our ways of looking at the world and our societies etc.

A more interesting view of this site is the philosophical idea that we, as humans, have many different faces and selfs. We behave, think and act very different depending on the life circumstances, social context, culture and the environment that we are in at any given moment. There is no one single ‘I’ (even if we often think so).

As humans we are very complex and that is one of the main reasons why we are so creative and have been so successful as a species. We should cherish this fact and let, at least some of our most prominent selfs flourish and develop. The ones that makes us grow as a person and serves the greater good (there are also some faces we should really keep away from the light).

I have taken 4 of my most predominant selfs as the basis for this site and blog. How did I know which ones to choose? When I think back of my life and what I have done up until now, I can see a pattern and that pattern shows clearly that I am a creative, philosophical, driven, techno gadget nerd with a can do attitude.

I like to develop and create technical solutions in a business environment, I use philosophical thoughts and ideas to lead people to, hopefully, a better insight about both their tasks at work and themselves. I love to discuss science from a philosophical perspective and I’m very interested in the social networks that we now see being created on the Internet and I think leadership at this time and age is extremely important.  Last and certainly not least I love music, to write and play music, which is something I have done since I was 12 years old. I’m also a fan of people that can express themselves artistically in most shapes and forms.

This site will hopefully allow me to develop all these 4 self’s further and, while doing so, share and provoke thoughts and ideas to a lot of other people, cause I know there is a lot of people like me out there. It should be high and low, fast and slow cause that is how life is. This site and blog is designed and built around the vision that nothing is ever finished and everything transcends and includes what came before.

If you want to know more about each face and what I will write about from that perspective then I will elaborate more on each face home page, follow the About links to the right.

Oh, by the way. I will write in English or Swedish depending on what face I will have on for the day. I will make it easy to filter each blog so you can choose the language for the posts you want. Just use the menu at the bottom of the page to filter out the content you want to see.

Face off!