The Artist

The Artist is an emotional face. It is one of my favorite faces that deals with cultural things like music, books, movies, games and design. This is a face I use when blogging about how I write and compose my own music, review books, games and movies. The Artist is also looking at the design of some gadgets and software that has an artistic touch.

The Artist pages are also the place where I will share new songs that The Artist have recorded so you can have a listen if you want.

The Nerd and The Artist will become a team when blogging about gadgets and software related to music production and consumption.

The Philosopher and The Artist are of course a team and even a 5th face since they are related in that they both often deal with the subjective and the abstract. The Artist will move into the The Businessmans domain when discussing show business and things like immaterial rights and selling music online. Kewl!


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