The Businessman

The Businessman is, or at least I hope he is, a face that thinks rationally and cognitively.

With this face I will cover things that I find interesting in the business world like, leadership, innovations, science, social media and even show business.

The Businessman is a face that occupies 70% of my body’s time during a normal week. My job is something I think about a lot. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that let me get connected with people all around the world and I have visited many countries and places I would have never traveled to unless it was for my work and my company TNT Express. I have learned to enjoy and handle many different kinds of cultures and company ethos over the years and I find that very inspiring. The Philosopher has of course helped The Businessman in many of these areas and The Artist is of great help when making presentations and creating a good story when The Businessman need to sell or convince someone about something he believes in. The Nerd delivers all the right gadgets to get the job done.